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We have the climbing courses for you. 

Whether you want to learn how to lead traditional-style climbs or find out how to navigate, our team of professionals are ready to assist you. You are able to enhance your professional or personal skills by gaining a nationally recognised award such as the Climbing Wall Award (CWA) or the Single Pitch Award (SPA), enabling you to supervise groups in the outdoors or on artificial surfaces such as climbing walls.

MTE - Climbing Wall Award (CWA)

This national award allows you to teach and supervise groups and individuals at any artificial structure in the British Isles. The CWA is primarily concerned with ensuring good practice, leading to the safe enjoyment of climbing activities, and to an understanding of the sport. It covers the supervision and management of activities such as bouldering, the teaching of basic movement skills, and roped climbing yet excludes the teaching of leading. An additional module is available for those candidates who wish to supervise abseiling and top roping for those top-access walls and structures.

CWA Training

This must last a minimum of 12 hours.
It currently takes place on three evenings during the week.

CWA Assessment

This takes six hours plus an extra two for the abseiling module and is usuallycompleted in one day. You are only be able to progress onto the abseil modulesassessment once you successfully complete the main CWA assessment.

CWA Abseil Module Training

This must last a minimum of four hours. It can only be done once the basic training has been undertaken.

Course Length

Minimum Training - Twelve Hours

Assessment- Six Hours

Abseil Module Training- Four Hours

Assessment- Two Hours


Training- £140

Assessment- £100

Abseil Module, Training £70

Abseil Module, Assessment £40

Staff Ratio

Training- Maximum 1:6

Assessment- Maximum 1:4

Venue- North East

MTE – Single-Pitch Award (SPA)

When you wish to supervise a group on single-pitch crags and climbing walls, this course is for you. SPA training and assessment courses last a minimum of two days or twenty hours. You learn how to become an effective supervisor by encouraging others to enjoy their climbing safely while also improving your own climbing techniques. Between training and assessment, you are expected to gain extensive supervisory and personal climbing experience. Every opportunity should be taken to practise the skills that you have learned during training. The training and assessment covers such skills as:

Choice of Venue - Rope Management Correct Use of Equipment - Group Management - Emergency Procedures - Crag Etiquette - Access and Conservation

Course Length

Minimum Training - 20 Hours 

(Usually Two Days and Two Evenings)

Assessment - 20 Hours - (Usually two days)

Staff Ratio

Training- Minimum 1:4, Maximum 2:8

Assessment -Minimum 1:2, Maximum 1:4

Venue - North East


Training - £155 - Assessment - £155

(Non-Residential - Includes Official Sticker and Climbing Wall Entry)

MTE - Climbing Wall Leader Award

If you already hold a SPA or CWA and fancy being awarded in the teaching of lead climbing on artificial structures, you must contact the MLTE to register for this scheme.

Course Length

Training - Eight Hours

Assessment - Six Hours

Staff Ratio- Minimum 1:2, Maximum 1:4

Venue - Sunderland Wall


Training - £110

Assessment- £100

MTE - Hill and Moorland Leader Award

This is designed for when you want to lead groups in the hill and moorland areas of the UK and Ireland. This award is a wonderful opportunity to learn the leadership skills required to feel confident
about taking others out walking. This particular award focuses only on

non-mountainous terrain. This award can also be a valuable stepping stone for those who wish to progress to the ML scheme. Our HML training and assessment courses are run over three consecutive days. You slearn skills such as:

Group Management - Navigation - Emergency Procedures
Access And Conservation - Remote Supervision

This award was once called the Walking GroupLeader and we think that the new name works better to describe what the award is. Everyone knows where they (can) stand. The 'overnight experience' element of the WGL has been removed and we've created a separate Expedition Skills module that can be 'bolted on' to the Hill and Moorland Leader (or the Lowland Leader) award when you want to increase the scope of your award and include multi-day expeditions. Before you register, please make sure that you can answer yes to the following questions: 

  • Are You at Least 18 Years Old?
  • Do You Have a Genuine Interest in Leading Groups?
  • Do You Have at Least 12 Months of Hill Walking Experience?


There Is a Flexible Structure to Training Course Delivery

Based Around a Minimum of 30 Hours of Contact Time

Assessment - Six Hours

Staff Ratio - Minimum 1:2, Maximum 1:4

Venue - North East of England

Cost - Part Residentially-Based Training and Assessment

Courses Each Cost £265

MTE - Mountain Leader Training & Assessment (Summer)

The training course is based around the ML syllabus and your particular needs. Consideration of the weather, mountain rescue, the environment, and other related topics are also covered. The majority of the course is practical-based, however some is of a theoretical nature. At times, you may find yourself outdoors in adverse weather and you should be prepared for this. There is an overnight camp and night navigation exercise to assist you with your preparations. We look at the practical skills and techniques required when leading groups in hill walking and camping in the mountains of the UK including aspects of:

Group Management
Supervision on Steep Ground
Risk Assessment
Emergency Use of the Rope

Training- Six Days

Assessment- Five Days

Training- One Instructor/Trainer: Six Candidates

(Except for Emergency Rope Work Day 1:4)

Assessment- One

Assessor: Four Candidates

Venue - The Lake District

Cost - £460

(Not Including Expedition Food)

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